Renee Responds to local cable report on 8/16 school committee meeting

Thank you for reporting on the School Committee meeting of Monday, 8/16. First I do not oppose masks. I am for medical freedom. I am anti-mandate, not anti-mask. There are, however, a few important corrections to make:

You reported that I said that in spite of 300 children dying from COVID, I worried about the mental impact of masking on millions of children nationwide and that we may have more COVID suicides in young people than COVID deaths.

There were ~73 million children in the US (2020 Census). Of those about 400 have tragically died with COVID, not just in Massachusetts but in the entire US.

Yes, I am very concerned about the mental health of young people. Robert Redfield, MD from the CDC said last year:

“…there has been another cost that we’ve seen, particularly in high schools. We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from COVID. ”

Time magazine reported that there were about 26,000 childhood deaths last year. About 100 of those were of children who died with COVID.

I stand by my statement that parents should use their own judgement about masking and that the CDC officials ARE unelected. I also don’t remember voting for anyone on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, either.

With contentious issues it is important to have accuracy and balance in one’s reporting and I will continue to fight for the children of Waltham.